The Beginning

Surrounded by design since our childhood

Remember the playful days of childhood, when you spent hours and hours just playing and being creative? Every step was a discovery. Our tender age world seemed to be designed with shiny colors and beautiful illustrations, to trigger our imagination day-to-day.

I, Keila, grew up among design classics, like the Lounge Chair from Charles & Ray Eames, artistic photographs and paintings from my grandfather, memories from Brazil, postcards from Europe and an early access to design programs. In the 80’s that was a pie in the sky!

Honest, natural materials like wood escorted Mariela since birth. The family business is a nonstop connection to nature. A sustainable way of life, with portions of countryside to spark ideas. Living outside the big city, for her the days were endless, calmly and loaded with sun.

Growing Up

Going to college to finding our voice

Innocent days pass by, life goes on, your playground love is part of the past and you slowly face becoming a young adult. Further learning was a priority for both of us. What we were going to study was not crystal clear back then. But we knew we were not stepping into our parent’s shoes. No medicine school, no business studies. Fortunately, our families were supportive enough to give us all the freedom young women can hope for. Something rather unfamiliar to the late 90’s, as we later become aware of.

To be honest, Mariela didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up. Can you relate?
Friends and relatives saw her future in Design. Something with fonts, print layouts and organizing information in clear visual ways. So, she went to study Graphic Design.

I dreamt about becoming a writer or an art curator. Four complete lecture years of Art History motivated me to study Interior Design. That brings a more spatial and integral approach to design.

Different careers, same university, compatible lines of work. That’s where we met, in the early 00’s. And that’s when we started exploring the boundaries of multidisciplinary design.

Designers to the core

And founders of a creative agency


Education contributes to discipline, inspires design thinking and helps to develop rooted workflows. Before launching the project of your dreams, you most likely had a business plan. A set of different steps to make those visions real. Most of us do this in an intuitive way. Following common sense, planning checklists. Others may search for external help.

Either way, structure and experience can simplify landing your goals. For us, this accurate and sharp dynamic begun in college. Soon, we realized our clients were profiting not only on “design me a logo” terms, but in gaining clarity for their projects. Brand Identity is more than that: “just a logo”. It’s a deep collaboration between client and designer. A deep dive into values, target audience, intention. When done right, it makes your heart smile. And will charm your customers.

Around 2005 we founded our first design studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Focused on revealing solutions, to graphic design inquiries. With a deep synthesis, since 20+ years we knit a story of creation and perseverance. Of inspiration and connections. Externalizing ideas, expressing details. Perfecting our Design Thinking process.
With focus, empathy and big dreams. Craftsmanship, trust and teamwork.

Secret insights

About two partners in crime

A lot happened since 2005. We are not only grown-up women, but live and work internationally. I moved to southern Germany in 2010 and gained experience working in bigger design agencies as chief designer.

From Buenos Aires, Mariela kept on freelancing and working for great projects and names like Musée du Louvre, Nike EMEA or the Van Gogh Starry Night Exhibition.

Our friendship stood the test of time and distance. It is a key part of our collaboration, based on mutual respect and curiosity for each other. Some concepts we apply when working with clients and other colleagues.

With us you will find a safe place where you can accomplish your vision, explore limitless possibilities and go the extra mile. We solve (design) problems. We give life to visual communication. Together. For your brand.

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