Brand identity

Communicate your story on a graphic level

The best brand experiences communicate their values and philosophy in a cohesive way. They trigger emotions, knit connections and transform admirers into loyal customers. An essential part to achieve this is the brand identity.

We know, the first questions slowly pop up. What is brand identity? What belongs to (a) brand identity? What makes a good brand? And what is branding?

Put simply, your brand identity is the face of your business. Is the first step to get you noticed and attract the right audience for your offer. Branding are the actions you take, to build this image and how you want to be perceived.

In more concrete and design terms, a brand identity is the collection of tangible expressions and brand elements.

For example: your logo, chosen colors, typography, illustrations, imagery and voice. The sum of these elements represent how your brand looks and how it feels. They shape the personality of your business.

To thrive and bloom, identities need a personality. Forward-thinking brands work on their identity as they create, nourish and share a unique personality, true to themselves.

When you focus on your identity, and not only your offerings, support and connection flow in a natural way. Everything works properly. Your message is aligned with your products and services. Your brand resonates and converts. Which means, your followers and dream clients turn into real customers, expectant to what you’ll do next.

Are you ready to act? Are you willing to be in control of your visual presence? If you may ask, we believe it’s time to create, refresh or update, your very own brand! From logo design, to print and packaging. Let’s outline your graphic language. And, if you already have a logo you love and think that’s enough, remember:

your brand identity is a lot more than “just a logo”.

An impressive, unique brand identity will:

Brand Identity Services may include:

  • Logo design
  • Mood board
  • Visual language
  • Style guide / Brand book
  • Print (such as stationery and marketing collaterals)
  • Packaging design
  • Social media templates

These services don’t include

  • Font purchases
  • Printing costs
  • Copywriting
  • Brand message


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