Chocolate Valley

Unwrapping Delight: Elevating the Visual World of a German Chocolatier

  • Art Direction
  • Integral Branding
  • Packaging Design


The new packaging and identity place a spotlight on the exceptional quality of materials, offering delightful surprises through subtle details such as secret messages and touches of golden ink.

The versatile graphic system seamlessly extends across various mediums, from postcards, flyers, and business cards to packaging.

Adaptable to diverse product sizes, the packaging includes features like tissue paper and secure closures, ensuring a delightful experience when unveiling these delectable creations!

The fresh identity for chocolate valley is centered around fostering an Emotional Connection.

It aims to wrap the mood that envelops us when contemplating or enjoying chocolate. This integrated brand experience is designed to spark emotions and forge a robust connection with customers. The goal is to seamlessly integrate the brand into their lifestyle and identity, making it a cherished and integral part of their daily lives.

Seasonal packaging plays a crucial role by adding another layer to the brand experience. It becomes a powerful tool for evoking specific emotions and influencing purchasing decisions. The dynamic and changing nature of seasonal packaging taps into the festive or thematic mood of the moment, creating a deeper connection with consumers and encouraging them to make choices that align with the seasonal spirit.



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Seasonal Images: Sandra Serry-Eckhardt @chocolatevalley