Heavens Taste - feine Patisserie

Baking an Integral Branding

  • Art Direction
  • Integral Branding
  • Packaging Design

the challenge

Elevating a local Master Confectioner in Regensburg: A modern graphic system and packaging design reflecting sweet creations, young innovators and honest connections.

Indulge in the enticing world of Laura and her team, where sweet, modern creations become a muse for our playful yet timeless packaging and identity extension. Laura’s silhouette gracefully escorts key print pieces, embodying the essence of handmade and top-tier quality.

Our revamped graphic system isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a dynamic canvas that effortlessly adapts to diverse platforms and welcomes the ever-expanding product line and seasonal packaging innovations.

This elevated identity unveils a brand propelled by youthful energy, founded and nurtured by a vibrant team. The modern, sincere connection with customers flows seamlessly, evident in every meticulously crafted design and marketing piece.

our approach

We forged a graphic realm that’s both straightforward and genuine. Picture custom illustrations, muted yet bold colors, contemporary playful fonts, and diverse slogans—each tailored to our extensive product range.

Every design piece we create narrates a tale of flavor exploration and staying in tune with a world that’s ever-evolving, all while revolving around the rich traditions and craftsmanship of confectionary art.



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Tasting Box Images: Laura Schönberger @heavens_taste_