a bit of color & FRIENDS GmbH

Vital & Colorful Integral Branding

  • Art Direction
  • Integral Branding
  • Styling & Photography

the challenge

Creating a colorful, bold and remarkable branding to give shape to Veronika’s future ideas and extremely inspiring world. The new design should work across several pieces and fit the location, an old castle in Regensburg.

our approach

a bit of color & FRIENDS is a place to finding motivation and finding yourself.

The concept, based on living a colorful, true and happy life with the positive energy of a good network and cooperation, was the perfect trigger for designing a visual world where imagination has no limits.

Keywords like colorful, your best self, life coach, fun, lightness, focus, love and joy, are essential to Veronika’s work. She, and her team, pay attention to every detail and you experience this since you make your first contact to when you visit the “Zentrum für Lebensfreude”. A magical space, located in a fresh, green area, in Regensburg.

our solution

For this joyful way of making business and facing life, we created a vivid and dynamic graphic world with two faces.

It’s a visual world combining strong color block layouts with a more subtle, dreamy style. The first conveys energizing quotes, the second reveals details in a playful, inviting way.

The result, an identity as colorful and positive as Veronika and her team! Open to new challenges, intuitive and customizable by members of the team themselves.



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