vhs Schwandorf

Further Education – Local & Cool


Colorful layouts, blended with authentic images, bridge the gap between broad further educational offerings and niche interests.

Dive into a world of creativity and lifelong learning with our fresh, dynamic, and modern identity redesign.

  • Art Direction
  • Integral Branding
  • Social Media Templates

Concepts like facility, trust, quality, open-minded and appreciation were key to creating the new identity for the vhs Schwandorf.

The vhs Schwandorf is open to all age groups and embraces a global perspective. The new design communicates these aspects in a dynamic and inviting manner.

An analogous color harmony represents a cohesive, consistent, and friendly identity. The interplay of colors and design creates a visual serenity that is both modern and timeless. Furthermore, each thematic world is better supported and more precisely represented.

The imagery is simple and relaxed, featuring real people instead of models. Used primarily across social and print communication, it emphasizes attention to detail over mass production. It reflects a world both regional and international, handmade, crafted with passion.