Client – 

[ hantwerck ]

The Challenge – 

Upgrade an existing identity for crafted family business. 

Alexa, a pottery artist, and her husband Peter, a stonemason, have an atelier in a beautiful old town in Bavaria, Regensburg. The updated visual world should reflect the love for their craftmanship, passion for details and quality on the materials chosen. 

trc-portfolio-hantwerck-logo-original-1 trc-portfolio-hantwerck-logo-full-1

Swipe horizontally to compare the first logo, from 2012, with the full version.
Left: actual logo. Right: landscape version with claim 


Approach – 

The way Alexa and Peter work is inspiring, from the materials they use to the time and love they put into every single piece they create.

The familiar flair of working together, using your hands, carefully combining the right textures, trying new shapes, colors and designs were concepts we wanted to translate on the graphic world. 
This process triggered custom made illustrations and ruled the fonts and color palette as well as the papers for postcards, the tapes for the packaging and the suppliers when printing tissue paper.

Ecology is a key part to [ hantwerck ] as it is to our creative studio. We believe in recycling so it is always a pleasure working with clients who care about the future of our planet.


"Wir lieben, was wir tun und wir tun, was wir sehr gut können!"

Alexa & Peter Voigtlaender


Our Solution – 

A dynamic visual world, that fits sustainable packaging requirements as it fits social media channels. 

The new, updated and enlarged identity growths and works accross different supports. From mailing elements as postcards in recycled paper, stickers, tissue paper and tape, to new mood images that help the customer visualize how far this hand made products can dive into their lives!

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