Client – 

Jivamukti Yoga Global

The Challenge – 

Redesigning a global, bold and strong yoga brand created in New York City in the 80’s. 

Jivamukti Yoga embraces tradition whit activism and changed the way yoga was seen and practiced in occident. While it started in New York City, this path expanded widely to find official studios all across Europe and Australia.

trc_jivamukti_before trc_jivamukti_after

Left: old Jivamukti Yoga logo
Right: new Jivamukti Yoga logo with a simplified graphic and a more contemporary font 


Approach – 

The Jivamukti Yoga method is deeply grounded on tradition, while it brings yoga to the modern world. The founders, Sharon Gannon and David Life, are pioneers and innovators who built a community based on compassion for other beings, empowering yoga classes and multicultural exchange, with events all over the world.  

This history and the international character of the brand where the premises that gave shape to the visuals. 

JY Icon with Rayligh Full – Green

The new identity reflects a historical brand ready to connect with new generations.

Open minded, with clear and strong roots, like the founders themselves. A modern approach, able to fit the different Jivamukti Yoga Centers around the world.

Our Solution – 

We created a rich world, with natural textures, earthy colors, classic and modern fonts with striking images, that tells their story of past and present, of renewing a tradition, of being local and global. 

So we created two visual worlds: subtle and harmonic, between the global brand and the different studios.

For communication purposes in digital, social media or print, global portrays a universal and bold identity, while the studios work with local concepts, colors and imagery. 


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