Client – 

Jivamukti Yoga Bern

The Challenge – 

Rebranding an official Jivamukti Yoga school.

Aligning the new branding from Jivamukti Yoga global to the Jivamukti Yoga school in Bern, Switzerland. Plus setting the design foundation for other Jivamukti Yoga schools across the world.


Approach – 

Focusing on the own spirit of the school, the local team and the surroundings in Switzerland, a new visual world came to life, anchored on the mood settled on the global style guide.


Our Solution – 

More minimal layouts and a color palette based on greens and teal shades embody the personality of this yoga school, while you still can breath the legacy of Jivamukti Yoga in every new visual piece. 

The more downscaled designs work well with custom images or even material from image banks. This was very important, since not every school can manage new shootings for ongoing communication. 


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